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Adobe Digital Video Collection
by Rick Smith (April 22, 2001)


If you need to add some more pizazz to your web site, Adobe has created two new "collections" of their software that can help. One is Adobe Digital Video Collection and the other is Adobe Streaming Media Collection. These collections help create a flexible workflow of tightly integrated products and the combination saves you money.

Adobe Digital Video Collection combines Adobe Premiere 6.0, Adobe After Effects 5.0, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Adobe Illustrator 9.0. There are two versions of Adobe Digital Video Collection -- Standard and Production. The difference is due to the version of After Effects that is included. The Standard version is street priced at $1199 and the Production bundle is street priced at $1999. These prices represent a $1000 savings, when compared to the combined street prices of the component packages..

Each part of the collection has a specific purpose.

  • Premiere 6.0 saves and edits the digital video content. Text, audio and effects can be added to these videos.

  • After Effects 5.0 adds rich visual and motion effects to the video content, through the use of composites, still images, shapes (2D and 3D) and over 80 filters

  • Photoshop 6.0 performs image editing, color correction, animations and background creation.

  • Adobe Illustrator 9.0 assists in the creation of artwork using its vector drawing tools and typographical controls.

    Since all these programs are from a single vendor, they share a common Adobe-standard interface. The toolboxes, palettes and internal commands all work the same way which makes learning the entire suite of tools much easier. These packages also work similarly on both the PC and Macintosh (cross platform), so work can be performed on the appropriate hardware platform. Other features this collection share are:

  • Special effect filters are common to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects.

  • Bins, edits, and markers are preserved when importing Adobe Premiere projects into After Effects.

  • After Effects projects and Photoshop files can be opened from within Adobe Premiere

  • Layers, masks, transparency and editable text are preserved when Adobe Illustrator artwork is saved as native Photoshop files

  • Photoshop layers become editable objects when Photoshop files are opened in Illustrator.

  • Each Photoshop layer imported into Adobe Premiere or After Effects can be manipulated independently.

  • Photoshop vector masks, adjustment layers, and transfer modes can be used in After Effects.

    No matter how you intend to use your digital video, Adobe has created a comprehensive set of tools that helps you become more creative, streamlines your workflow and increases your productivity. With Adobe's Digital Video Collection, you don't have to learn and integrate packages from several different companies and now you can save money at the same time.

    Copyright 2006 Rick Smith All rights reserved.

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