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2002 Fall Rally
held at Snap-On Diagnostics -- Lincolnshire, IL
by Rick Smith

While working on the picture compilation of this event, here are a few of the more interesting car "pairings" that I was able to capture.

Traditional values

Over 40 years of tradition (XKE right) has been blended into this new XK8 (left)

Both of these cars have the same size engine -- 4.2 litre, with the XKE powered by an inline 6 and the new XK8 with a V-8 powerplant.

As Jaguar looks towards the future, they keep one eye on their past tradition

Two siblings with a single parent

While both the Jeep Rubicon and the Hummer H2 are produced by two separate, international companies, they were orginally created by the same company -- American Motors Corporation. These are the same people who brought out the Matador, Gremlin, Pacer, Hornet, Javelin and the Rambler.

Also common to these two vehicles are the following:

  • four wheel drive (high and low)

  • round headlights (unusual in the 21st century -- see Eyes of the Tiger article about headlight styling)

  • 7 slot grille

  • both were inspired by military vehicles

    Return when our coverage of other vehicles, such as the Nissan 350Z and the Saturn Ion, will be online.

    Dated: October 5, 2002

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