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Cars without Gas?
Chrysler displays alternative power concepts
by Rick Smith

Daimler Chrysler demonstrated environmentally friendly power sources in their new Dodge Charger, Chrysler Citadel, Jeep Commander and Dodge Power Wagon concept cars at the 1999 North American International Auto Show.

These vehicles run on fuels that are cleaner and more efficient than current gasoline powered vehicles. Because there is no "perfect" alternative fuel for cars and trucks, these concept cars display one possibility for future auto buyers. It seems that getting vehicles to run on an alternative fuel is only one part of the problem, modifying stations for electricity, fuel cells, or natural gas will be the huge undertaking.

Finding an alternative "station" is the problem that dual fueled vehicles attempted to solve in the late seventies. I still remember Cal Worthington displaying these dual powered (gas and LP [liquid propane]) cars on his lot in Southern California.

Dated: January 4, 1999

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