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Free Internet maintenance planning
from AC Delco
by Rick Smith

On the AC Delco Web site, auto and truck owners can interactively enter data about their vehicles and driving habits and the site will provide personalized and detailed maintenance schedules. Accessible worldwide, via the Internet, this system tracks seven routine maintenance procedures: oil changes, tune-ups, filters, tires, brakes, cooling systems, and shocks for up to seven vehicles. Users of this Driver's Log system can request "Maintenance due" e-mail reminders and this will help families and small companies to keep fluid maintenance and service schedules on track.

The web site also features an online store with a secure shopping environment, an AC Delco retail store and repair facility locator service, weekly race reports and an AC Delco-sponsored celebrity chat area. The direct link is at the Driver's Login Area.

I designed my own automotive and vehicle maintenance database in the late eighties, but this one has easy access and doesn't require a dedicated computer.

Dated: January 29, 1999

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