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Bridgestone New Product Introduction and Demonstration
Evaluating Product at Phoenix International Raceway
by Jim Bennett

Company and Event Overview
Incorporation Of Advanced Tire Technology
UNIT-T AQ Introduction at Phoenix
Road Performance
Business Perspective
Technology Comments

In 1996, Bridgestone launched the UNI-T technology in North America. UNI-T is the acronym for Ultimate Network of Intelligent Tire Technology. Phillip Pacsi, Director of Consumer Tires/Retail Marketing explained the company uses a combination of advanced tire technologies to improve design and material performance. The company focuses on delivering more control and comfort, reducing tire wear, improving precise handling, increasing fuel efficiency and providing a quieter ride. He further described the three core technologies comprising this network that are briefly summarized below.

CO-CS (Computer Optimized-Component System)

This is a computerized process using proprietary software, using a cyclic calculation method; to optimize the performance of each specific tire line as it effects tread design, casing shape, materials and construction. The main consumer benefits influence handling, fuel efficiency, comfort, tread life and quietness. Mr. Pasci noted this system began in Formula 1 tire development and appropriate elements are now used to design better passenger vehicle tires throughout the company.


This eliminates the overlapping joint in the bead cable, where it meets the rim, to improve tire roundness while strengthening and supporting the entire tire assembly. Its benefits are improved straight-line performance, more consistent control and better steering response.

L.L. Carbon

This is a higher structure, long chain carbon cluster that is said to effectively increase wear resistance and reduce the energy loss of rubber. Extending tire life by reducing wear and improving rolling resistance are key benefits.

UNIT-T AQ Introduction at Phoenix

Company and Event Overview

Dated: February 12, 2001

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