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Encyclopedia of American Cars
Over 65 Years of Automotive History
by Rick Smith

This book is very compelling

If you have ANY interest in U.S. produced automobiles since the thirties, you will be lost in its pages.

My initial skim through this encyclopedic volume took over two hours. I completely lost track of time and even ignored a television only 6 feet away and had no idea what was on while I was reading.

All major manufacturers and some specific models (Corvette, Corvair, Mustang, Thunderbird) are given separate "chapters" with plenty of black and white photographs. Five sets of eight double-sided color pages (40 total) are also included showing a selection of specific models.

I started out by learning about one car marque that I never heard of before (Allstate) and learned that Sears tried to sell this car in the late fifties.

This is a large 896 page book, so I will be able to go back over this work many, many times to completely read this book in its entirety. Each chapter is well written, not only providing general information about the specific car or manufacturer, but includes a full story about the people and politics behind each of the cars. After this text, tables showing the model year, model, list price and production data for each manufacturer or model is given.

This book is absolutely fascinating -- I was completely overwhelmed and I highly recommend this book.

(If an over sixty year span of U.S. cars is too much for you, this same publisher has published decade books (50s, 60s and 70s) about these specific vintage car eras. Will let you know more about these books in an upcoming review.)

Dated: May 28, 2002

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