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Los Angeles Auto Show 2003
Sunny skies, cool cars
by Jim Bennett and Rick Smith

Ultimate performance
New car Introductions
Concept Cars
Dodge Magnum Hemi
Pontiac GTO
Other candids

California has cool cars. It's not that the other states don't but when I think of motoring down the highway, I dream of driving a convertible on Route 66 and arriving at US 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway). To Californians, high performance vehicles are a status symbol as well as transportation.

While this Bentley race isn't for the streets of LA, their performance sedan is certainly seen at Hollywood parties. This is Bentley's performance solution for the grueling 24 hour race at LeMans.

The Ferrari brand is well known and their latest addition will help to keep their long standing reputation for ultimate high performance intact.

The "other two", well-known Italian performance marques of Lamborghini and Masterati also displayed their latest wares.

The new GT40 that bears a striking resemblance to its thirty-year old predecessor at LeMans

The Maybach combines European elegance with a distinctively American luxury look.

A James Bond vintage, spy-optioned, Aston Martin

While James was seen in several films with a vehicle built over the "Channel" (BMW), he has now gone back to his British Aston Martin, currently the Vanquish model. This is his arch-rival's (Zao) customized Jaguar XKR, complete with the optional 35 mm cannon. Those red tips in the front grille area are over a dozen MISSILES. Just imagine how effectively this vehicle could make it get home through heavy traffic during rush hour!

While many consider European cars as the ultimate performance vehicles, there are several built in the United States.

Here is a cutaway view of the Panoz (a hand crafted American car)

This fantastic looking "Thunderbird" is from Saleen

New car Introductions


Dated: January 7, 2003

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