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PC Expo 99 (New York)
Automotive Coverage
by Rick Smith

Although PC Expo is known primarily as a computer technology show, there were many automotive displays at several booths. Chrysler-Plymouth even had a booth on the main show floor.

Radius "New York taxicab" Beetle
If you went to PC Expo and registered at the Radius booth, you could have won this car. Radius gave away this unusual vehicle as a part of their PC Expo promotion.

Detail of the Radius "New York taxicab" Beetle
This is a detail picture of the "price list" painted on this vehicle.

E*Trade bus
E*Trade showed off their high technology bus at PC Expo.

At the Lernout and Hauspie booth, this impressive Shelby truck was displayed.

Lights On! Ready to Rock!

Head on shot (digitally stitched with Enroute Quickstitch)




Engine detail showing supercharger

Ferrari stretch Limo outside PC Expo
Is it or isn't it? It looks like a Ferrari from the outside, but some of the workmanship on the rear end doesn't look like what I would expect from the Italian carbuilder. The engine didn't seem to have that Ferrari sound and I doubt the engine could handle the extra weight with any level of performance. The car was unique and was part of the "cars at the show".

Rear of Ferrari stretch Limo outside PC Expo
Didn't seem like a real Ferrari to me, but crowds standing around didn't seem to mind and were heard to be saying "Did you see that Ferrari?" and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Dated: July 1, 1999

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