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Saturn's Second Homecoming
by Rick Smith

Saturn Homecoming Coverage
1994 Homecoming

1999 Homecoming
     1999 Homecoming Edition

It's been nearly five years when 44,000 people gathered in Spring Hill, Tennessee for the first Saturn Homecoming. The Second Homecoming will be held on July 30th and 31st, 1999.

It is expected that 60,000 people will be attending this weekend event which will include parades with floats, color guards and marching bands, intramural athletic competitions, carnival midway, displays and the main focus of the event: In-depth plant tours. Saturn owners will be able to tour all three manufacturing units: vehicle systems, powertrain and general assembly. Each evening there will be a different show, with national caliber musical acts, on the 200 by 60 foot main stage.

Another 150,000 people, not attending the event in Tennessee, will be participating at local Saturn dealership events such as barbecues, car washes, car care seminars, rallies, outings and other related activities. The Spring Hill activities will also be broadcast live to each dealership.

Dealerships are also helping to plan caravans to the event, from various locations across the United States. ( When I was a child I would get excited when there were two identical cars driving in traffic, but seeing a large caravan like this large must be truly awesome.) There will be more than 21,600 parking spaces for these cars (more than the Mall of America) to park when then arrive. More than 7 tons of grass seed has been planted to transform corn fields into the 300 acre event site. - Wow!

1999 Saturn Homecoming Edition
Owners will also have the opportunity to drive the new Saturn LS and newly redesigned 2000 models and view the new Homecoming SL model. This metallic green, special edition has combination leather/cloth seats,

a special white instrument cluster with Homecoming logo,

and a black Saturn logo on the car's exterior.

It seems that it will be a truly special weekend event for Saturn owners. Owners interested in attending should call 1-800-2Saturn for further details.

Dated: February 11, 1999

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