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Saturn Homecoming
T Minus 1 and counting
by Rick Smith

Saturn Homecoming Coverage
1994 Homecoming

1999 Homecoming
     1999 Homecoming Edition

The start of Homecoming only a few hours away. Here is some brief, initial coverage from Thursday, the day before the event.

Rippavilla Plantation - registration site
This home, completed in 1855 served as the media registration site for Saturn Homecoming. The garden was in bloom and the Nikon 900S digital camera took some wonderful pictures. See our review of the Nikon 900S digital camera.

Construction at Homecoming
Less than 24 hours before the event, crews finish construction of the main stage.

Final construction of Gazebo
Works add the final touches to this structure located in the "Town Square" at Homecoming.

Satellite trucks are readied for broadcast of the opening ceremonies to Saturn dealers across the United States.

Panorama of Homecoming site (from West)
Here is a digitally stitched (using Enroute Imaging's Quickstitch - see review) picture showing a view of some of the Homecoming tents.

Compaq and Nextel are supporting sponsors of Homecoming.

New 2000 L-Series Wagon driven by Reviews OnLine
Immediately, I found that the interior has been refined and was more luxurious than the S-series. Production started about two months ago (May 24th, 1999).

Dated: July 29, 1999

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