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Book Expo America
(June 2, 2001)


BookExpo America (BEA), formerly known as the American Booksellers Association Convention & Trade Exhibit, is the largest book market event in the world. Books in all formats and related items are shown. Here are some of the items we found at the show:


GPS for Everyone
How the Global Positioning System Can Work for You
You may have seen an in-car navigation system in a new vehicle and wondered how the car knew where it was on the road. Or you may have used a handheld device to find your way down a hiking trail and wondered how an inexpensive handheld device could accurately pinpoint your location. The book GPS for Everyone will help answer your questions and show you how this GPS (Global Positioning System) technology will be impacting your life.

GPS for Everyone not only guides you through the basics, but also gives details on how this top secret military project is now providing precision position information to farmers, civil engineers, pilots, fisherman and others. Other topics in this book include:

  • GPS Receivers

  • GPS on Land, Water and Air

  • Differential GPS (DGPS)

  • Defense uses of GPS

    This free system (no monthly fee) of overhead satellites, courtesy of your tax dollars, is finding new uses every day. In fact, new cellular phones will have small GPS receivers built into them, so that operators can accurately locate your cell phone in an emergency.

    This book also provides:

  • an extensive glossary of terms, acronyms, and phrases

  • a listing of GPS related companies

  • a bibliography of useful sources of further information

    GPS for Everyone: How the Global Positioning System Can Work for You is 359 pages (over 15 chapters) and is available in paperback (ISBN: 0-9659667-5-5, $24.95) 


    Franklin eBookMan
    The Franklin eBookMan provides one of the largest viewing areas (240x200) of any currently shipping PDA sized device. This large display can also be switched to landscape mode, so that the displayed information can more easily be read. While the eBookMan works very well as an electronic book reader, the eBookMan also:

  • Doubles as an audio book player

  • Plays MP3 files

  • Performs organizer functions (date book, address book, to do list)

  • Stores memos

  • Uses Natural Handwriting recognition ( no Graffiti)

    Available in three models, the Franklin eBookMan interfaces to the host PC via USB or optional serial connection. Storage memory can be expanded up to 64 MB using a MultiMediaCard device.

    Models of the eBookMan start at $129.95 for an 8 MB unit. For $179.95, backlighting is added and the top of the line costs $229.95. It features a larger 16 MB of memory and a backlit screen.

    All units use the Franklin operating system, which can be upgraded in the future using downloads from the Internet. eBookMan's proprietary, 32 bit microprocessor is patented and runs at 24 MHz. This processor also:

  • features a hardware multiply for faster calculations

  • easily interfaces to RAM, ROM and flash memory

  • provides a real time clock

  • has a built-in LCD interface with touchscreen support

  • includes a stereo audio module

    This level of integration makes the eBookMan run longer on batteries. eBookMan docks to your system via USB or optional serial adapter and is currently shipping. 


    FranklinCovey OnePlace
    FranklinCovey's OnePlace is a software program that helps you become more productive by electronically organizing information on your PC. It helps you quickly find needed information in your OutLook e-mail, word processing documents, schedules, contact lists or on-line Web sites.

    By integrating this feature into a single application, OnePlace makes "queries" for this information easier since it can find information from multiple sources. It is compatible with the data created by the following applications:

  • OutLook 97, 98, and 2000

  • OutLook Express 5.x

  • AOL 4.x and above

  • Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0 and above

  • Microsoft Works 4.x and above

  • Microsoft Windows Write

  • Wordpad

  • Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 word processor

  • WordPerfect 6.0 and above

  • PFS Professional Write Plus

  • Ami Pro

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Chart 2.x and above

  • Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 spreadsheet

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 7.0 and above

  • Adobe Acrobat up to 4.05

  • Novell PerfectWorks 2.0 draw

    OnePlace can also read RTF (Rich Text Format) data as well, giving you one more reason to store your documents in this wonderful, virus-safe format. OnePlace can also index your Windows BMP graphics as well as GIF and JPEG images.

    Running on top of Microsoft OutLook, OnePlace scans your most recent items during the initial installation. The rest of your hard drive is then cross-referenced in the background, while you work. Once this is completed, you are then able to see all your information within FranklinCovey OnePlace.

    FranklinCovey OnePlace requires:

  • Windows 98, ME, 2000, or NT service Pack 3.0+ (Unfortunately, Windows 95 is not supported)

  • Pentium II 300 MHz or higher

  • 64 MB or more RAM (128 MB for using Windows 2000)

  • SVGA display with 16-bit high color or greater -- 800 x 600 minimum

  • 50 to 100 MB of hard disk space

  • Internet connectivity is recommended 


    JournalTEK It's My Diary
    Diaries have been kept by girls and women for hundreds of years. Journaltek has now created a software package to make this process easier. By combining colorful, customizable backgrounds and password protection into a single product, It's My Diary both acts as a personal scrapbook and daily journal.

    It's My Diary, is targeted to the girls of Generation Y (1979-1994) and especially those teenagers and tweeners in the age of nine to fourteen. This multimedia journal also:

  • offers the latest word-processing capabilities on both PC and Mac platforms

  • can integrate virtually any file including digital images, audio and video files into the scrapbook

  • builds on the current popularity of journaling (Oprah)

  • helps to fill the need for girls' software (currently 85% for boys)

  • features password protection to allow secure access to private thoughts

  • is completely self-contained -- no need for Internet access to store files. 


    Dreamweaver 4
    Dreamweaver 4 is the latest book in Osborne's Virtual Classroom series. This series combines the written word and screen shots of a tutorial book, with the streaming video of an instructor-led course on a multimedia-rich CD. The educational video lessons correlate to the text and exercises in the book to help visually reinforce important concepts.

    This Dreamweaver 4 book is for new to intermediate users and covers web-based topics such as tables, forms, style sheets and JavaScript in addition to the program. Both of the authors are web designers and instructors.

    Other topics covered by Dreamweaver 4 -- Virtual Classroom are:

  • Harnessing Dreamweaver's Web design and development capabilities

  • Creating cross-browser compatible web pages (this is a topic that many current web designers seem to forget)

  • Deciding to create Web pages using a graphic interface or by writing and editing code

  • Manipulating Images, including vector images

  • Constructing Tables (formatting cells, columns, and rows)

  • Enabling easier navigation

  • Understanding the Secrets of the HTML tags and attributes

  • Creating an attractive, logical and functional site that is informative and helpful

    Dreamweaver 4 -- Virtual Classroom is 350 pages (over 15 chapters) and is available in paperback (ISBN: 0-07-213108-X, $39.99) with a CD-ROM. 


    Commercial Observation Satellites
    At the Leading Edge of Global Transparency
    You hear on the news that satellites are watching you, or that satellite imagery is being used to find a nuclear test site. Since many of these stories tend to appear during TV "sweeps" periods, you never really get much in-depth information from a reliable source. The book Commercial Observation Satellites delves into these issues to a much greater extent that any news program could. Co-published by RAND and the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, this book explains policy issues, details satellite sensing programs from different countries and describes the international security implications of satellite imagery.

    Like most technology, the use of satellite images is a two-edged sword that can be used for either good or evil. On the good side, images can be used to help encourage economic development and contribute to international security. On the evil side, images can be used by aggressive countries and terrorists to discover and exploit weaknesses in their opponents. The three editors of Commercial Observation Satellites describe and give examples of the current satellite technology and challenge mankind to find ways to balance the risks of using this information with its positive benefits.

    RAND is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) is an international organization of over 7,000 geospatial data professionals. It is devoted to advancing knowledge and improving the understanding of the mapping sciences in order to promote the responsible usage of this technology.

    Commercial Observation Satellites is 644 pages (over 24 chapters) and is available in paperback (ISBN: 0-8330-2951-7, $80.00) or hardcover (ISBN: 0-8330-2872-3, $90.00) 


    Continue your tour through the aisles of Book Expo America as we provide a concise summary of other books, hardware, software and automobiles we found.

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