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As gas prices increase, it may be good to reminisce about the bygone era of cheap gas and great service. This book covers the history of the gas station in great detail, along with the history of many gasoline companies. Read the review.

Chicago held the 95th version of the the largest auto show in North America -- the Chicago Auto Show. Read about:

2003 Chicago Auto Show coverage
Show floor layout changes
New models being shown

Read how to check your tires with an inexpensive, easy to use device.

It's Auto Show time! From Detroit to LA, this is the season for new cars. See and read about the latest from the floor of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Engines are the most important system in any vehicle. In the 21st century, demands of engine technology has been driven by the demands by lawmakers to provide greater fuel economy. Read about GM's Displacement on Demand technology that provides a hassle-free way to achieve better fuel economy.

Some of our preliminary coverage of the 2002 Fall Auto Rally is online. Be sure to read our updated coverage of last year's auto rally event, featuring hot cars from all over the world.

In Reviews Online's newest feature, "Smith -vs- Jones", our two senior editors, Rick Smith and Stephen Jones face-off to discuss an alarming new move by Detroit that could drive local auto repair shops out of business and might spell the end of collector cars. (Read Smith vs Jones: Detroit vs. Monkey Wrench Joes)

Read about a wonderful book that details American cars since the thirties titled "Encyclopedia of American Cars".

General Motors leads the 2002 technology parade with digital in-car entertainment of XM-ready radios in DeVilles and Sevilles, Head Up displays in Corvettes and QuadraSteer four wheel steering in GMC Sierra Denalis.

The 2002 Chicago Auto Show had a great ten day run. Saturn unveiled latest new concept convertible shown here, appropriately named "SKY". See more pictures and descriptions.

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Dated: August 8, 2006

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